From Decline to Dominance: WebEyeCare’s SEO Transformation with by Traficare

Mar 26, 2024

Written By: author image Michael Steiner Reviewed By: Adir Izhaick

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Here at, we’re proud to share how Traficare, an SEO company, started on a mission to improve WebEyeCare’s Google rankings and traffic, which had significantly declined following the Google Helpful Content update in August 2022.

WebEyeCare, a prominent contact lens retailer in the USA, faced a significant challenge when their website traffic plummeted from 24,653 visits in August 2022 to a mere 8,887 by January 2023. This dramatic decline presented a substantial undertaking for the SEO company tasked with reversing the trend.

How it Started

Traficare’s partnership with WebEyeCare began with a comprehensive site analysis using the Ahrefs tool, addressing various SEO aspects such as backlinks, site structure, and internal linking. However, their unique strategy involved the use of, our AI-driven platform that provided an in-depth content analysis, offering insights into content quality and areas for improvement.

Following’s Evaluations and Recommendations

Traficare utilized thoroughly scan select WebEyeCare pages, obtaining detailed reports for each.’s detailed content grading methodology provided comprehensive insights into the content’s strengths and areas for improvement on their client’s pages. 

For example: A page on WebEyeCare received an Originality score of 7, signifying that although the content was informative, it lacked a distinctive perspective and creative presentation. This prompted Traficare’s team to enhance the content by infusing more unique insights and creative elements. After implementing these changes and re-evaluating the page, it achieved a significantly improved score of 9.

Acting on these recommendations, Traficare’s team significantly upgraded WebEyeCare’s website content. They diligently revised each page in alignment with our platform’s evaluations and suggestions. This strategic overhaul resulted to improved Google rankings and increased traffic.

Consistency is Key

Their consistent use of, especially in adapting to Google’s evolving policies, played a crucial role in overcoming challenges like Google’s Reviews update in April 2023 and the core update in August 2023. And by January 2024, they’ve achieved a remarkable milestone, tripling the site’s traffic to 26,729 visitors.

Traficare’s triumph in enhancing WebEyeCare’s online presence clearly demonstrates the potent combination of utilizing’s advanced capabilities and a profound comprehension of Google’s evolving guidelines.

This also serves as a revelation for SEO companies or professionals who are experiencing similar challenges, showcasing the impact of strategic tool application and insightful adherence to search engine standards.


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