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Discover precisely where your website’s contentfalls short compared to competitors. The Content Gap Finder provides detailed insights and tailored optimization tips to help you outperform the competition.

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Content Gap Finder

How to Use

Here’s a basic and simple guide to using the Content Gap Finder:

1. Enter the URL of your page that you’d like to evaluate and improve.

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2. Enter the URL of a competing page that’s ranking better in search engine results.
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3. Hit the ‘Find Gaps’ button and let the tool work its magic.

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4. Get a detailed breakdown of the content gaps and start making changes to your content based on the

“’s Content Gap Finder has helped me a lot with my website’s content strategy. I wasable to close the gap with my competitors using the detailed insights and recommendations that I got and it even improved my site’s performance! This is a very useful tool for anyone serious about content marketing.”

Gerald J.
Content Writer